The Byron Award

The Byron Award Rationale In the spirit of the pioneering radiation safety efforts of Byron McKavanagh, the Byron Award is instituted to recognise original contribution to the advancement of radiation safety, or related disciplines, in Queensland.

Achievement, particularly where there has been a significant impact on radiation safety, is the basis of the award (rather than seniority or longevity in the industry).

The award serves to recognise such achievement and, so, aims to encourage development of the highest standards within radiation safety.


  1. The award shall be known as The Byron Award.
  2. The award is bestowed to recognise original achievement (either a single advance or body of work) in radiation safety or related disciplines, and is open to candidates, who may be either individuals or teams.
  3. The award shall be presented at the discretion of the Byron Award Committee, providing there are nominations of candidates of suitable calibre. Presentation of the award shall be at the RSUG Convention Dinner.
  4. The Award Committee shall consist of the RSUG Committee Members and a representative from the Government Department that presides over radiation safety. The Committee shall select the recipient of the award from the nominated candidates.
  5. Nominations shall be from peers and will only be accepted in writing on the attached form which shall include supporting documentation. Nominations shall close 21 days prior to the RSUG Convention.
  6. The award shall be made irrespective of the nominee’s membership of the RSUG.
  7. The award shall consist of a perpetual plaque engraved with the recipient’s name and year of award and a framed citation.

To apply please download the form and return via email.