How to Become a RSUG Member


About Membership

Membership is open to radiation safety users from industry, consultancies, government organisations, research & development organisations and educational institutions active in the use and promotion of radiation safety practices and radiation safety technology.

There is currently no membership fee associated with becoming a member.

Becoming a member provides a voice for your industry. A direct line to the government regulators and scientists whom control your workplace OHS and compliance policies. Have your say in processes that help your organisation, discuss things that are lacking and falling behind. Create networks with radiation professionals whom can offer competitive services and prices and technical solutions to radiological matters.

Please note: To maintain privacy, member contact details (e-mail lists, hardcopy lists, website contact details, etc.) are to be held in confidence by the executive. Particularly, these details are not to be given to anyone outside the RSUG such as other professional organisations or advertising groups.